Start With the Basics

Enroll in first aid and CPR classes in Billings, MT

It's always a good idea to be prepared, and there are basic emergency skills that everyone should know. That's why America First Response offers first aid and CPR classes to clients in Billings, MT and the surrounding areas.

Your lessons are tailored to your needs, so you'll get exactly the teaching environment that works for you. Once you've finished classes, you'll be ready for any emergency that comes up. Call 406-206-2105 now to schedule CPR and first aid classes.

Benefit from an extensive course load

Our first aid classes cover a wide variety of lessons. You can get...

  • Pediatric first aid training
  • BLS provider training
  • Water rescue training
  • Office course training
  • Educator course training
  • AED training for children, infants and adults
  • CPR training for children, infants and adults
  • Bloodborne pathogen training.

Our BLS CPR courses are $60 and our Heart Saver Classes are $80

You can also get a skills verification for Heart Code Blended Learning Courses. Contact our office today to enroll in first aid and CPR classes.

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