Earn Your EMT Certification

Attend an EMT training program in Billings, MT

America First Response is able to provide comprehensive EMT training courses in Billings, MT. Our 16-week program focuses on training people how to provide emergency medical care to stabilize patients.

If you're interested in transitioning to the health care field, attending an Emergency Medical Technician training course is a good place to start. Contact us today to enroll.

Gain the skills you need to save lives

Our comprehensive Emergency Medical Technician training program will prepare you for everything you'll see over the course of your career. We'll teach you how to:

Stabilize patients who are in critical condition
Safely transport patients to hospitals or other medical facilities
Use all medical equipment commonly found on ambulances

To learn more about our EMT training program and how you can get started, call 406-206-2105 today.